Design Hack: Living Meets Dining

Design Hack: Living Meets Dining

When dealing with limited space in studios or one bedroom apartments, many of us do without the luxury of a spacious family dining room. If it comes down to the choice between a comfy sofa and dining table, let's be real - sofa is king and the table if often the first piece of furniture to go. 

Even so, this doesn't mean you can't have dinner parties or romantic evenings in just because you don't have a full scale dining set. Make the most of every square foot and maximize your living room real estate.

Let's see how to make small-space dining-in-style work!

coffee table seating


First off, bust out the pillows and blankets! Your living room coffee table can be the perfect alternative to a full size dining table. As long as you don't mind using pillows or blankets for comfy seating, a standard size coffee table can seat at least 4 people. Added perk: Transition straight into movies or games without having to leave the room!

side table storage


A console or side table can also function as storage for dinnerware and flatware. Store your dinner essentials in baskets or drawers for easy access.

living room dining


Entertaining more than a handful of guests? Your multi-functional coffee table can be used as a buffet table so your guests can serve themselves and help themselves to comfy sofa seating!