Get Guest-Ready: Perfect Seating

Get Guest-Ready: Perfect Seating

The holidays are right around the corner which means the dining room will likely be the major gathering area of your home. Finding the right seating for your guests can be a daunting task. Let's take a look at key elements to consider when searching for the right chairs.

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Size is crucial when choosing the right chairs. Besides the table itself, you should always consider how many people regularly sit at the dinner table. Do your guests have enough personal space above and below the table?

Generally, you will want to give each person 22"-24" of space so that they have plenty of room to comfortably sit and move around while dining. No one wants to rub elbows or knock knees each time they need to move from their seat.


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Shape is also important as you may not want to have armchairs clashing together when your guests move up and down from their seats. For more rectangular dining tables, consider using armchairs as an accent on two of the shorter ends and armless dining chairs on the longer side of the tale. This will accent your dining area without inhibiting your guests ability to get in and out of their chairs easily.

Rounded tables are typically smaller and can accommodate most chairs, so the size of the table will usually dictate what shape of chair will give your guests adequate space.


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Like a good dining table, it's important that our chairs last. Selecting the right materials is key. You'll want chairs that are low maintenance, especially for the occasional spill. If you do a fair share of entertaining or have youngsters, chances are you won't want to have all of your seating upholstered.

Chairs made from fiberglass, polypropylene plastic and wood are often much easier to maintain. If you desire upholstered seats but also want easy cleanup, perhaps accenting the ends of the table with upholstered chairs and using solid chairs for the remaining seats would be more suitable while fulfilling your design aspirations. 


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Style is personal and does not have any set guidelines of what will work and what wont. If your home has a very specific look throughout, then finding the right style chairs may be an easier task than for someone who has more eclectic home decor.

However, it's always a great idea to look into furniture that has a timeless style that will look as fabulous in ten years as it does today. Try to avoid super trendy designs that may quickly become outdated so that you won't feel the need to replace your furniture every time trends change.

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It's easy to become overwhelmed with options, but knowing what to look for can help narrow down choices by eliminating chairs that don't meet your requirements. 

Hopefully by considering the key components above you can easily find the perfect seating! Take a look at our selection of dining chairs and get guest-ready in style!