New & Now: Calming Desert Modern

New & Now: Calming Desert Modern

Craving some serenity? We’re right there with you! If your home hasn’t been the relaxing oasis you need in your life right now, it's time for a refresh. Let's take a sneak peek at some of our latest arrivals featuring a calming desert modern aesthetic that will transform your space into a more soothing, relaxing environment.

Valour Loveseat Tan

Monochromatic schemes and warm desert hues are the most calming, but splashes of soft color can be uplifting too. Consider stowing accessories to simplify your backgrounds so that your main furniture pieces can take center stage. The soft, light background color palette with pops of warm tones make the Valour Upholstered Faux Leather Sofa a warm and inviting focal point.


Astra King Wood Platform Bed

If there’s one place where you can have some peace and quiet, it's your bedroom sanctuary. Warm wood tones, neutral colored layers, comfy pillows, and a soft area rug underfoot will make your room feel like a relaxing getaway. Our Astra Wood Platform Bed embodies modern style and organic aesthetics. Its atomic inspired design and walnut grain veneer give this piece a relaxed silhouette reminiscent of Mid-Century modern vector shapes.


Elevate Dining Table


Desert modernism has some of the most iconic architecture in the world. From peaked, sloped, and butterfly rooflines, Mid-Century architecture has inspired some of our favorite furniture pairings. The Elevate Dining Table and Pitch Upholstered Fabric Dining Armchairs are a clear ode to Mid-Mod design with striking angular form coupled with neutral desert hues and black stainless steel for a soothing minimalist appeal.


Envision 60" Wall Mount TV Stand


Nothing paints a picture of calm and tranquility like sleek floating storage. The Envision 60" Wall Mount TV Stand keeps your space visually clean, ensuring your entertainment area is uncluttered from cables and other things you'd rather not cloud your space with. White and walnut color blocked design add contrast while complementing a neutral color palette.

Loft Collection

Ready to make your space a calming desert oasis of relaxation? Serenity now!

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