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Our Velvet Crush: Glam Deco

We've got a new crush... and its name is performance velvet! If your home environment hasn’t been the most relaxing space lately, now’s the time to take back some control and add some our our favorite glam deco inspired pieces to your home. Here are eight easy ways to make your home lusciously soothing.

Bestow Crushed Velvet Loveseat


Vintage inspired design, without all the maintenance. The Bestow Crushed Velvet Loveseat is giving us all the velvety feels. With ample seat depth, soothing texture and stain resistance upholstery, this loveseat oozes glam-deco without the worry of spills or stains, giving you peace of mind to relax and enjoy luxuriating in all its velvety splendor.


Lana Queen Performance Velvet Wingback Platform Bed

Bedrooms are some of the most neglected rooms in the whole house, but they are a much needed escape from the everyday chaos. So why not show a little love to your sanctuary of sleep? You'll find yourself wanting to spend more time relaxing or working from home in space that you love to be in. The Lana Performance Velvet Wingback Platform Bed is a modern twist on classic wingback design featuring—you guessed it, soft performance velvet. Luxurious bedroom, check!


Scoop Gold Stainless Steel Leg Performance Velvet Dining Chair

Modern deco inspired design doesn't need to be elaborate or garish. If you're a minimalist at heart that also happens to love velvety textures, we're right there with you! Scoop Performance Velvet Dining Chair embodies minimalism with sleek form and a pop of color to add a little modern glam to your dining area.


Seg Performance Velvet Accent Chair


Don't let appearances fool you, just because the Seg Performance Velvet Accent Chair exudes modern deco doesn't mean you can't sit back and enjoy it! Made for use as a reception or guest chair, its coated steel frame, stain-resistant performance velvet, and dense foam padding are ready for worry-free frequent use. Get we get an amen?

Adept Loveseat

By now you might be swooning for more luscious velvet. Who can blame you? Performance velvet is ultra-comfy, easy to maintain and here to stay! 

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